Below, you will find booking Procedure - followed by SPRING BREAK 2021 Dates @ Hilbre High School.

NB There will be Mosslands camp Spring Break 2021


To BOOK please follow instructions, visiting :

1) (If not already registered) Register for free with Class For Kids: Enter Email address, set

    password. You no longer need to register every course! Register once, less hassle!

2) Book Camp: select location camp (Hilbre or Mosslands), dates required.

    Please read Camp Notes (under main camp details parent page).

3) Select children from your list. If first booking, you're required to input your child details.

    Input child details once, is stored and can be used for all future bookings, less hassle!

4) Directed back to original booking request to confirm booking 'order' - ensuring your child

    is added to register. Note: Having read Camp Notes, if qualififying for Sibling Discount

   (siblings booking on for a full camp), copy and paste the voucher code in the Camp

    Notes in to the voucher code box. Full week Sibling Discount then applied prior to


5) IMPORTANT: Payment page. We discourage card payment on platform as it incurs a

    4% + 20p booking fee. Please see 'Alternative Payment' where you can still make BACS & PayPal payments (details will be visible) that you are used to without fee.

6) Once paid, you will receive email confirmation from Class For Kids.


Next Multisport Provision Dates:


Hilbre High School, West Kirby - SPRING BREAK 2021: BOOKING LAUNCH SUNDAY 7TH MARCH @ 6pm


HILBRE HIGH SCHOOL BOOKING LAUNCH - SUNDAY 7th MARCH 2021 at 6pm - £12.50 child per day
Limited, Capped Spaces - Prompt booking essential.
(Please note, there will be no Mosslands School provision during Spring Break).

Book at: (booking will currently state fully booked until booking goes live on Sunday 7th March).

Firstly, THANK YOU, to you parents and carers for the amazing jobs you have been doing at home. Give yourself a BIG deserved pat on the pat. I know from my own experiences, it's very hard being; the academic teacher, PE teacher, the dinner lady, the cleaner, the social worker, the referee between siblings .. often all compounded by expectation to work sanely from home! Parents, you are amazing!


I'm pleased to announce that Wirral Multi-Sports are delighted to be returning after the most recent lockdown has once again suppressed & confined our children in many ways. Let's get our young people back active, burning energy and enjoying all the mental & physical health and social & emotional developmental benefits of Wirral Multi-Sports.

We remain robust in our Covid-compliant safety measures and completely committed to ensuring a safe environment in line with Government guidance.

There are a couple of updates in line with the publication of the most recent guidance: Protective measures for holiday and after-school clubs, and other out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
Updated 23 February 2021

1) Children aged 11 years+ are advised to wear face coverings within the camp - this is for when moving around designated spaces where social distancing cannot be adhered to. Children can remove their coverings for participation within their bubble.
2) We will require you to write your child(ren)'s/ward's school setting as we will look to bubble children from the same school together where possible.
Please provide this with your staggered start time when prompted to do so during the booking process.

After successful 'covid-related' camps in the Summer & October of 2020, we are again looking forward, with complete confidence, to returning this Spring Break 2021 for a fun, safe and healthy provision.

We will continue to ensure extremely strict covid-compliant measures including: bubble participation, extremely high level of antibacterial cleaning, staggered drop off procedures and limited capacity.

Camp dates:

Week 1: Monday 29th March - to - Thursday 1st April (we won't deliver Good Friday 2nd April)

Week 2: Tuesday 6th April - to - Friday 9th April (we won't deliver Bank Hol Monday 5th April)

Limited to 75 children with 7 highly qualified and experienced senior coaches (and in most cases qualified teachers) overseeing the provision. Due to capped numbers, we are unable to offer discounts.
Due to high demand please book promptly when booking launches on Sunday 7th March.
If you are unable to click and select a day it means its fully booked.
Feel free to drop us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request us to contact you in the event of a cancellation.

If you 'select all days' please be sure it has ticked all days and remember you are selecting a 4 day week due to no provision on Good Friday Week 1 or Bank Holiday Monday Week 2 - if it hasn't it means it has ticked all AVAILABLE days. It is important you check your booked days and are sure on these as children not booked on the register will not be accepted on the day. The system is automated so will reflect accurate booking information.

STAGGERED DROP OFF TIMES: When booking you will be asked provide your preference of drop off time based on the available times below. You will be asked to provide this in order of most preferred time to least preferred time. There are only 15 slots per time. If you do not select a time you will be allocated the next available. This times ensure we meet a demand to not create overcrowding. Anyone arriving at an earlier time will be refused entry and will not be registered until their allotted time. Times of preference are allocated on a first come first served booking basis.

Times you will be able to select: 8:30 / 8:40 / 8:50 / 9:00 / 9:10. Follow instructions during booking.
You will receive a text message before the start of the camp confirming your drop off time. Please note, this may take several days after booking to be sent but rest assured, allocation will be in a fair order starting with first bookings received to the most recent.

>Parents to drop off at designated drop off time only as per text confirmation.
>Parents to follow around to the right-rear car park and register through PE gate.
>Please remain socially distant, wear a face covering and use hand sanitizer provided on drop off.
>If your child is aged 11 years+, please provide them with a face covering.
>Please provider your child with packed lunch.
>Please provide a water bottle clearly labelled with your child’s name.
>You must ensure your children wear fresh, clean (indoor & outdoor sports suitable) clothing each day.
>Please wait in socially distant fashion in drop off car park from 14:55 for your child's bubble to be invited to leave.

>Please take 5 minutes to read fully all updated information provided below:

Please read and familiarise yourself with:

>Risk Assessment:

>Overview of Procedural Change:


We ask that payment remain contactless. If you cannot avoid cash payment please email us to confirm.
A reminder of our important payment info regarding booking fees and fee-free alternatives:
*IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFO: The system will generate and send/display a ‘Pay Now by Card/Online’ message. Please be aware, this payment option takes payment through a card payment platform and incurs a 4% booking fee. For payment free of fees, you can ignore the automated response and pay securely by BACS Online Banking: details will be provided in Alternative Payment Options on Payment Page of Booking

Your place will be held pending payment until 6pm on Friday 26th March. Due to previous examples of unpaid places resulting in 'no-show' outcomes, Wirral-Multis will exercise it's right to cancel unpaid bookings and reallocate them to reserve list children waiting. Once this has been completed it cannot be undone. We are very happy to accept payment pledges if you contact us and remain transparent up until 26th March.

We look forward to welcoming your child(ren) back to our ever improving provision within the covid times we live.

Apologies for the mass of information. A sign of the times we live in and we of course want to ensure full clarity on what we expect from you and what you can expect from us in these Covid-times.

Look forward to confirming your booking from 6pm on Sunday 7th March '21

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Only £12 per day @ Hilbre / £10 per day @ Mosslands

Locations: > Hilbre High School, West Kirby > The Mosslands School, Wallasey

9AM - 3PM

(Sibling discount: please see individual course information for stated discounts available)

 Now open to all children - Ages 4-15 years

Children to bring own packed lunch


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